Rubber bands for folders

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Each of us has encountered a document folder, but no one has wondered where the rubber band that closes it comes from. There are various ways to attach such a rubber band.

Mateusz Company offers a solution that saves time in folder production. Our rubber bands are equipped with special hooks. It’s as simple as threading them through the holes, and you’re done. The hooks are very strong and securely hold the folder closed. Additionally, we have transparent-colored foil, which allows for production in any color.

We use rubber bands with a thickness of 1.7 mm for fastening. It is the most elastic among all the rubber bands we produce. When choosing the length, remember not to make it too long. It’s best to measure the folder’s circumference between the holes, subtract 5 – 6 cm from this measurement, so the rubber band is slightly stretched. For the ordered length that we obtained from the measurement, we add 2 cm for the fastening, which goes inside the folder. Once we have the final rubber band dimension, we provide it in the order.

Mateusz Company has extensive experience in production. We have been fastening rubber bands for many years. We have modern machines and are not afraid of large orders. We always deliver on time and maintain high-quality standards.