Cords for Bags / Backpacks

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Summer is the perfect time for organizing outdoor events, and in recent years, companies specializing in such events have been using various items as gifts for their guests. One of these popular gadgets is a fabric bag with a drawstring, functioning as a small backpack. It also serves as an excellent promotional tool. Mateusz Company specializes in producing cords for such bags. We offer durable polypropylene, polyester, and cotton cords in a wide range of colors.

Our cords have a thickness of approximately 8-9 millimeters. We also produce 10-11 millimeter cords, but they become too heavy for the bags. In this context, we’ll focus more on the polypropylene cord. It is the perfect fit for such bags as it doesn’t stretch or tangle. The bag can be easily closed and opened by loosening the drawstring. The cord is smooth and doesn’t get stuck while sliding through the fabric.

Mateusz Company offers hot cutting services for these cords. The most suitable length for the cords is two meters. After cutting, the cord doesn’t fray and can be easily installed in the bag. We also offer cords for sale by the meter. We can produce approximately 400 meters in one continuous piece, reducing waste. Feel free to explore the rest of our product range.