Clothing Cords

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Are you a clothing manufacturer in need of a reliable supplier of cords to use in your products? Then you’ve come to the right place. PPH Mateusz is a Polish manufacturer of cords for clothing and more. Our cords can be used in hoodies, sweatpants, sports apparel, jeans, and many other products. We don’t limit ourselves to standard production; we are flexible and can accommodate individual orders. We provide cords based on the designs proposed by the customer. We understand that some products require heavy, thick cords, while others require lightweight and fluffy ones.

In our company, we use fibers made of cotton, polyester, or polypropylene for production. Our wide range of colors and various types of weaves will add variety to your projects. Our cords are durable and strong, and most importantly, they do not bleed color during washing, which is an additional advantage facilitating garment maintenance. We hold all the necessary certificates and product cards for our items.

For years, we have been supplying clothing manufacturers in Poland and abroad, as well as the best haberdashery stores and individual customers.