Decorative Cord Endings

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In Mateusz’s company offer, you will find various types of cord endings. By default, the cords for clothing are finished with transparent or black plastic film, which is a standard cord ending. Upon customer request, we can also install metal cord endings and tape ends called AGLETS. These are a fantastic and original alternative to boring factory endings on sweatshirts, pants, and shoelaces. AGLETS are made of metal coated with a special paint in a glossy finish. In our company, we have them available in white, black, gold, silver, antique silver shade, antique gold shade, and red.

Another interesting option is the possibility of engraving on this product. Typically, AGLETS are made of brass sheet metal. After laser engraving, the inscription appears in a brass color, which is golden. Additionally, we have the option of printing the inscription. This allows us to prepare logos in different colors. It is a somewhat expensive service, but the results are very satisfying.

The service of engraving text or a logo on AGLETS is an ideal solution for clothing manufacturers who want their design to be unique and help promote their brand.

Just send us a PDF file, and we will take care of the rest. We invite you to cooperate. We can create a truly unique design.