Tunnel tapes

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One of the products we offer in our range is tunnel tapes. Their versatile applications make them one of our main products. The tapes are primarily manufactured as flat and round cords without filling. It is a haberdashery product, which allows it to be used as a cord for clothing, paper bags, school bags, as well as sportswear, tracksuits, and swim shorts. They are also used in hooded sweatshirts, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, boxers, and promotional items. Another specific application of tunnel tapes is cable braiding for electrical cables. We have all seen the cord for an iron or a phone charger. We can produce such braids for self-assembly or directly on entrusted wires for manufacturers of such accessories. We already have numerous successful projects under our belt and we are not afraid of new challenges.

Tunnel tapes can be made from both cotton and polyester. We have a wide range of colors available and produce them in widths ranging from 6mm to 20mm. They are packaged on 50m or 100m spools, or can be supplied loose in a carton.

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