Banderolized shoelaces

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In response to individual customer demand, Mateusz Company has introduced banderolized shoelaces to the market.

It’s simply a pair of shoelaces wrapped into a mini bundle and packaged with an aesthetic label. We produce them ourselves and offer the option to have our company logo on the label, or we assist customers in designing their own. Our target audience primarily includes stores and footwear accessory wholesalers, catering to the needs of individual customers who can conveniently purchase a new pair of shoelaces this way. Over the years, through our collaboration with distribution companies specializing in such products, we have built a team that is capable of handling even large orders without hesitation. Currently, we are able to meet any challenge when it comes to producing packaged shoelaces in single pairs.

Our wide range of colors and materials used in production allows us to create original and unique designs together with our clients. The ability to create custom label designs and ensure their consistency has made Mateusz Company a leading manufacturer of banderolized shoelaces. As a result, our business partners can be confident that once the product is introduced to the store, it will always be presented in the same form.