And what about a notarial string?

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The first strings were made from various materials, usually readily available and selected depending on their purpose. A string is associated with a large quantity of twisted or intertwined long threads or fibers of linen or hemp.

What is a string generally used for? To tie something. Sometimes we really need it to deal with something because it would be difficult without its use.

A crucial tool for notaries and sworn translators is the notarial string.

PPH Mateusz company is meeting these expectations by offering this product.

We can use it to tie thick file documents, folders. It also works great for various decorative tasks.

Do you need to beautifully wrap a present? This item is also designed for you.

We produce it using machines with polyester yarns supplemented with cotton or metallic threads.

Upon the customer’s request, we can produce it in various thicknesses and a wide range of colors. It is packaged on spools. It will certainly be enough for many documents.

It can be used in combination with a riveter, rivets, and rosettes.

By having this string in your possession, you can tie many files of documents of any thickness, ensuring professional and elegant storage of important papers.

Sealing documents with a string, rosette, and stamp provides a guarantee of document durability.

By purchasing our product, you are guaranteed an elegant and efficient appearance of the product. We are a Polish manufacturer, and our products are made in a factory within the country, ensuring fast processing and seamless and timely delivery of the ordered assortment. We offer a wide selection of designs and colors, as well as competitive rates. Above all, the strings produced by P.P.H. Mateusz are characterized by high durability and quality of craftsmanship, giving you the assurance that you can use them in your products.