About us

MATEUSZ company was founded in 1998 in Józefów. 

We started with the production of simple haberdashery accessories. Over time, we developed our machinery park and constantly expanded our assortment. We have shoelaces, clothing cords, and folder elastics in constant production. Market diversity forced us to adapt to customer needs. A rejuvenated team based on the vast experience of our employees is able to meet the biggest challenges. Today, we can confidently say that we know almost everything about cords.

Thanks to an extensive network of suppliers, we are able to meet any order. In most of the raw materials, we are their importers to maintain real low prices of our products. We produce thousands of weaves and colors from various natural and synthetic yarns. We constantly introduce technological innovations and try to meet the needs of the modern customer.

producent pasmanterii P.P.H Mateusz, firma