Round Rubber Bands

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Mateusz Company is a manufacturer of round rubber bands. With years of experience in rubber production, we can proudly present our exceptional product today. Our highly advanced machinery park is capable of meeting any order.

We produce rubber bands in thicknesses ranging from 1.7 mm up to 5 mm. The thicker bands are characterized by high elasticity, achieving over 100% stretchability. Thin rubber bands, used for folders, for example, can stretch up to 180%.

These parameters are influenced by the properties of the thread used in production. Customers should be aware that more dye is used for producing reflective colors. This makes the rubber band tighter and may slightly reduce its stretchability. Another crucial component is latex threads. After years of production, we can confidently say that each batch from the manufacturer has different properties. This also applies to colors, as we use two: white and black.

During pre-production tests for each rubber band, we strive to minimize differences, but deviations in stretchability are possible, even up to a few percent.