Handles for Bags

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In Mateusz Company’s offer, you will find handles for promotional bags. We produce them from polyester, polypropylene, and cotton. Each manufacturer chooses their own method of attaching the cords. Some glue them, while others tie knots from inside the bag. To meet the demand, we produce cords in skeins that can be cut into segments by yourself, or with plastic end caps already attached.

There are two types of end caps. One type is 8mm caps that prevent the cord from fraying at the ends after tying knots and make it easier to thread through the holes of a paper bag. The other method is the T-lace end cap. It creates a hook at the end of the cord, preventing it from slipping out. This type of finish is more aesthetically pleasing and does not take up space inside the bag.

When selecting cords for bag handles, the most important aspect is providing the appropriate length. It should be noted that if you want to make two knots, the cord needs to be longer accordingly. In the case of the T-lace end cap, an additional 2 cm should be added to the length of the handle for the cap, which is necessary for a secure attachment.

Our cord endings are made of tear-resistant material. Bags equipped with T-lace handles can even be used for heavier shopping.