Manufacturer of Macrame Cords

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The art of macrame is becoming an increasingly popular method of creating small works of art and practical objects. It is also an excellent way to spend leisure time and repair the household budget by selling crafts. The basic building block of macrame cords is the cord itself. Therefore, it is worth enriching the offer of your haberdashery with high-quality cords that are produced in Poland.

Crocheting, knitting, or weaving macrame is undoubtedly a very popular hobby. Interestingly, handmade crafts are not only chosen by ladies, as it has become customary, but also men are trying their hand at crochet or knitting. It is an occupation that will undoubtedly teach us patience and also allow us to calm down and find a moment for ourselves.

Macrame Cord

Whether you are new to this boho trend or an experienced craftsman replenishing your macrame supplies, our cotton macrame cord is perfect for you.

Macrame enthusiasts, both beginners and advanced, will use our easy-to-use cotton cord for projects related to knotting, crocheting, weaving or knitting. Our thread is soft and elastic, with the right thickness. This macrame cord does not resist knots, so your unique cotton projects will hold well and look amazing!

You will find cords with thicknesses of 3mm and 5mm. They can be packaged on skeins, spools, or loose.

The article can be used to create rugs, poufs, organizers, baskets, bags, shopping bags, and coasters. You can make anything from cord; your imagination is the only limit.

Order high-quality twisted cords perfect for macrame today.

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A wide range of colors will undoubtedly suit your taste, and you will easily choose the specific type of cords for the project you are working on. By ordering our product, you have a guarantee of the highest quality! Your customers deserve it. Choose a trusted manufacturer with traditions, choose P.P.H. Mateusz.