Waxed shoelaces

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Waxed shoelaces were created to replace leather straps used for tying shoes in the distant past. As civilization developed, people began to own more than one pair of shoes. A new branch of industry was created, which we now call “footwear”. During the evolution of our shoes, new designs of laces were also developed, including waxed ones. The aim was to create a cheaper, less susceptible to damage and currently also decorative product. The first technologies used for production left a lot to be desired. Today, new preparations and methods of their application have been developed. Each manufacturer of such laces has their own “secret” technologies. All of this involves subjecting a cotton cord to hydrothermal treatment, which makes it soft, delicate and shiny. When choosing such shoelaces, we should remember that the preparations used can change the shade of the color. At Mateusz company, waxed shoelaces are available in many colors and patterns. Let’s not be afraid to combine colors. We can create a truly unique pattern.