Tags and Other Cords

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Today, in line with the title, we will be providing information about auxiliary products from the Mateusz company. Lately, we’ve received numerous inquiries about cords for tags, labels, and more. We have decided to introduce these products into our offering. We have the capability to cut these items to any desired dimension. This primarily concerns thin polyester cords and elastics. We perform the cutting with heat, resulting in perfectly sealed ends with no fraying. We also offer this service for thicker cords, such as handles for promotional bags and drawstrings for backpacks.

Another item that we recently added to our product range is cords designed for crafting, especially macramé cords. These are mainly braided articles with various thicknesses, with or without filling. These cords are most commonly made from cotton, a material that is easy to comb. When combined with twisted cords, you can create small and large masterpieces. Additionally, we offer cotton in over thirty basic colors. Our prices are very competitive, and we provide discounts for larger quantities. Feel free to visit our website. In our gallery, you can find several examples of projects made using our cords.