Waxed Shoelaces – Continued

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Today, we will delve into the topic of waxed shoelaces. There has already been an article in the news, but today we will specify this category. I have already written about the history, prototypes, and the purpose of these shoelaces, but now I will explain the production process itself. We use naturally colored cotton that can be dyed in any color. An interesting fact is the impregnation process, which, under high temperatures, gives the products a shine and transforms the texture of the cord into a cable-like form. It is precisely this production process that gives the laces produced by Mateusz a new image. Their resistance to tearing is increased several times. They are resistant to abrasion and maintain their appearance and properties even after repeated lacing.

The production process itself is relatively easy. As usual, the most challenging part is preparing the preparation itself. Properly composed ingredients yield tangible results in the form of beautiful, soft shoelaces.

During many years of production, we have encountered inquiries about the degree of waxing. Customers often want to impart their own style to the ordered shoelaces. There is the possibility of individually selecting the composition of the preparation so that the laces are covered with a larger or smaller impregnation layer. Sometimes it is only an invisible waxing to highlight all the irregularities and imperfections of cotton while retaining all the properties of waxed shoelaces.