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As most of the products from Mateusz Company’s offerings have already been described, today I will focus on more general information. All of this coincides with an anniversary that we are proud to celebrate. In November, we will mark the 25th anniversary of running the company at the current address in a newly constructed building. After moving to the new headquarters, it turned out that it was challenging to fill the production halls with machinery. To this day, all of them have been replaced. Over these 25 years, the entire machinery park has been renewed, and gaps have been filled with new, modern machines for rope production and more. The owner of Mateusz Company, Mr. Maciej, has made every effort to ensure that production runs smoothly and efficiently on state-of-the-art equipment. Reducing raw material waste has allowed us to start producing high-quality threads. We have received OEKO-TEX certificates for all our products.

This has also translated into the products we manufacture. Customers have begun to appreciate our efforts, leading to further company growth. We have installed a photovoltaic system to be in harmony with the environment. In the summer, we are practically self-sufficient and feed surplus energy back into the grid. All our actions revolve around modernizing our plant. Currently, we produce waxed, synthetic, and cotton laces. We supply clothing manufacturers across Poland and Europe with garment cords, especially those for hoodies. We import decorative lace endings with the client’s logo. Our elastics are found in nearly every document folder, and we collaborate with many packaging companies. Our paper bag handles are well-known and appreciated. Most of our documents bear a notarial lace seal, and our shoe threads are used by most footwear factories. Over these 25 years, we have personally gotten to know most of our clients. We cherish working with people we are familiar with. Often, we assist our clients in dealing with subcontractors, and we enjoy conversing over the phone or welcoming visitors to our company headquarters. We have a showroom where every new client can find something of interest. Mr. Maciej has always prioritized customer contact. The entire Mateusz Company team is motivated to pursue the same goal. Every customer is meant to be treated the way each of us would want. We invite you to visit our Instagram profile. There, you will find updates about this event.

We are delighted that you are visiting our website, and we assure you that updates will continue. Soon, we will present a new product. It will be a hit that has not been produced in Poland before. We are in the process of mass production introduction. It will soon be available in the company’s offerings and will be presented in updates and on our social media platforms.