Cotton Shoelaces

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PPH Mateusz is a manufacturer of cotton shoelaces. This is one of our main products. It’s hard to encompass the whole topic in a few words. Cotton is the primary raw material for producing shoelaces, clothing cords, bag handles, and even macramé cords. Most of the products in our range are made from cotton. We have already described most of our products, so today, we will focus only on shoelaces.

Our shoelaces are made entirely from cotton. Of course, the outer covering, what we see, can come in various colors and weaves. It is essential for it to be tight and soft enough to easily tie such a shoelace. Interestingly, the most crucial aspect is what you can’t see. We are talking about the filling. At Mateusz Company, we produce it ourselves. Years of trials and experience have resulted in an exceptional semi-finished product that not only provides the right softness but also reduces stretchability. Thanks to this filling, we can create new shoelace patterns with very good results. These results, of course, translate to tying in the shoe. All production processes are focused on this aspect. A shoelace should tie well in the footwear and not come undone.