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The products listed below are made with utmost care of every detail. We have a very broad colour range.

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We are pleased to offer you our new articles.
These are the highest quality twisted cords made of yarn
cotton, polyester, polypropylene, jute and other yarns
manufactured on new, high-class machines. Colors can be selected from
our and other color palettes. The diameter starts at 1mm
up to 7 mm. On request, we can twist the strings double or triple,
obtaining a dense braid weave. The string is widely used in
many industries. We recommend strings, among others for artistic handicrafts
The string is packed on spools – 100 meters long. , 200mb. 500 meters. 1000 meters. 2000m.
Our possibilities are endless. Check us out!

We produce plastic aglety for laces round, flat, and all other completed an ordinary plastic tip. The internal diameter is 3mm, while the wall has a thickness of 1mm. Dimensions are chosen in an internal diameter, that you can easily put them on without the tools, and if there is some slack it is enough before inserting the tip, apply it with glue.


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