Tunnel and clothing tapes

Are you interested in braided curtain tapes? Check out our offer!

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Are you looking for the best quality shoelaces? You are in right place, check out our catalog with offer.

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Color palettes

Check out our color palettes.

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Welcome to P.P.H. Mateusz

Thousands of strands…. thousands of colors … thousands of possibilities … 

Company MATEUSZ is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the haberdashery industry in Poland. We operate more than 20 years, constantly expanding product range. Since our establishment is constantly evolving we would like to interest new customers for our products, thus expanding market. We cooperate with partners at home and abroad. The pride of our company are of the highest quality laces and threads braided waxed with our unique technology, which makes the price of these products is very competitive.

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Production facilities

Check how all kinds of laces are created. Strings of the best company in the haberdashery industry in Poland.


ul. Marka Hłaski 1
05-410 Józefów
  • tel.: +48 22 789 28 96
    tel.: +48 22 789 10 78
  • fax: +48 22 789 53 35
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